dimanche 19 mai 2013

Happy Birthday to me!

22 was a absolutely great age, I hope I will live another wonderful year being 23. Here's a list of 23 things I learned (again) during this past year. :)
1. When a cute stranger leaves you his number on a piece of paper, always contact him.
2. Living in le Marais is just so much better than living in Montmartre.
3. I can wear red pants without looking too fat.
4. A part of my heart will always belong to St.Raphael, more specifically to Fréjus Plage.
5. When you are cooking, there is no point trying to boil water/blow dry your hair/have your heating on at the same time because the electricity is not enough.
6. You get good grades easier when you actually go to school. And it is possible to make friends in a French University and finally feel like you're fitting in.
7. If you know someone who does something better than you, always ask for help rather than struggle with it alone.
8. I couldn't live without my Club Med Gym - membership. Or without my Chanel jacket. Or without a smoothie every morning.
9. Shopping and spending money always makes you feel better.
10. The only shop to buy clothes from is Zara, don't waste your time going anywhere else.
11. Partying with drunk teenagers is surprisingly fun.
12. Even if you quit your job, stay in touch with your colleagues. They can become great friends.
13. You should always have a boyfriend on Valentine's Day.
14. Mixing French and Finnish or trying to directly change French words into Finnish ones makes a totally understandable language.
15. It is okay for a girl to ask a guy out.
16. It is also okay to eat sushi every week.
17. When it finally stops raining, don't throw your umbrella in the first trash bin you see. Or if you do, buy a new one. Because next time it's raining you will get wet.
18. As my friend E says: Edison tried thousands of times before inventing the light bulb - meaning try again and don't give up, in the end you will get what you want.
19. True friends are more important that anything else. And it's not easy when they are far away. But the distance is not an obstacle to friendship.
20. If you're heartbroken because of one guy, the best way to get over it is by breaking your heart because of another guy.
21. Paris is a small city.
22. School is not the most important thing in your life so dont' stress like a crazy. (slowly but surely, I think I'm finally getting there!)
23. You can drop your iPhone as often as you like or even throw it around but don't let it fall from too low, it breaks.
And things I never learn:
1. The one and only mascara to use is Max Factor Masterpiece Max - so when you are somewhere they sell them, always buy 5.
2. Think before you drink - and never drink Tequila.
3. The French administration is never going to change so just get used to it.
4. The guys are all the same.
Yesterday I had drinks with my best girlfriends and now I'm going to spend some more time with one of them. Because what would a birthday be without J and Starbucks! Later I unfortunately have to study but it's okay. I will be done with school in less than two weeks and then I'm going to throw a big birthday party! :)
Love you all,
xoxo: Emi





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  1. Hahah ihan mahtava lista! :D Voin allekirjottaa monta kohtaa (etenkin Masterpiece Maxin ylivoimaisuuden!)